Our loT devices, smartphone apps, software platform and API enable your organization to plan and meet demand. OneVend Connect technology monitors onboard diagnostic data, GPS assist location, movement patterns, operator and asset behavior

Accessing real-time data will enable your organization to make better decisions and the OneVend Connect web platform will give full control over custom events, alerts, geo-fencing, scheduled asset servicing and checklists, you can even customize the software platform and firmware to suit your needs.

Bring joy to your customer

Faster deliveries, real-time ETAs and live parcel-tracking, gets your product in the hands of the customer with less fuss

Digitally transform your business

Eliminate the use of paper forms, reduce data entry, and lower the risk of lost paperwork.

Empower your employees

Onboard new drivers with digital training, and make their work seamless with navigation and route efficiency technology

Gain oversight on all deliveries

Manage scheduling of driver and track delivers and track deliveries in real time, Sign-on glass and photographic proof of delivery reduces disputes

Get the most out of the day

Route optimization will allow you to complete more jobs, with the same number of staff, Integrate your delivery and billing system for streamlined workflow

iOT and tracking benefits

  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Pre-start Checklists
  • Asset Tracking
  • Route Optimisation
  • Delivery – Sign on Glass
  • Digitises Delivery Process
  • Pre-defined route guidance

Tracking your assets live on a single dashboard has never been easier.

Data is collated and reports available on-demand, alerts on scheduled